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We have been providing personal training to Bellevue since 2010!

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We provide socially distanced personal training. Read our COVID-19 Protocols


Since 2010, we have recognized the need to make getting in great shape convenient and efficient for our clients. Our premier service is the option for one of our certified Bellevue personal trainers come to you in the luxury and convenience of your own personal space. This can include your home gym; your apartment/condo fitness center; your office or outside! Our Bellevue personal trainers provide all necessary equipment for private, couples, and group personal training. You also have the option to come to one of our convenient Bellevue fitness studios. Virtual training also available.

We will provide you with a socially distanced progressive exercise program customized to your personal fitness goals in the luxury and convenience of your own space. Follow our fitness programs and you will see the results you want!


You may request a complimentary consultation with us so that we can learn more about you and your fitness goals here.

(480) 868-8483

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How Bellevue gets fit™


We provide socially distanced personal training.

All personal trainers on this site are fully licensed, insured, and certified.