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What Bellevue personal training clients are saying!

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"I started personal training with Josh earlier this year, 4 months after having my second child. I've always been a little overweight and after my second baby, I was at my all time highest. I was never an athletic or active person and the thought of working with a trainer was intimidating but Josh was really friendly and great. He is very knowledgable and knew exactly what areas needed to be focused on. Within the first month, I lost 10 pounds and in less than 6 months of training with him, I've lost a total of 37 pounds. I am now at my all time lowest since high school, which was more than 12 years ago.


I've gotten nothing but compliments from family and friends. Not only have I lost weight, I am more toned, have better metabolism and endurance, and most importantly gained confidence in how I look and feel. To be honest, I went with Josh because he trained in my apartment and it was convenient but I am so happy to have worked with him and I highly recommend!"

- Kaori S.

"As a busy executive and working Mom, it's unbelievably challenging to find time to workout. I was referred to Natalie by a colleague who told me I would love her approach, and that she would make it easy for me to get back in a workout routine that would deliver results. He was right!


Natalie is skilled in assessing her client's strengths and weaknesses, then setting goals and training regimes that allow you to see success almost immediately. It had been years since I had trained regularly, and she understood when to push and when to back off. I'm still a work in progress - always will be - but with Natalie's guidance I feel better now than I did 10 years ago."

- Janene D.

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"Personal training with Josh has by far been the best investment I have ever made towards a healthier lifestyle. He is extremely professional, knowledgeable, and encouraging. Josh's style complements me because he is balanced - tough when I need it, but he also has a sense of humor that keeps challenging workouts bearable and fun (well, maybe not always all fun - there are some pretty tough workouts, but without them I wouldn't get the same results!).


One of the benefits of personal training is the accountability. It is pretty powerful to know that Josh is going to ask me how my eating and workouts are going. Knowing that I will have to tell him what I have or haven't done, I put in the extra effort. The results have been great! I am stronger and leaner, and I have more energy. It's amazing to see and feel such a difference in just a few months. I wouldn't change a thing about training with Josh. He mixes up the workouts and keeps them new and with increased levels of intensity and challenge. I look forward to even more!"

- Vicki A.

"Josh is very flexible with my hectic schedule as well as a great listener, adjusting the sessions to match my goals. He is also very patient and drives strength training with a holistic approach, guiding me with tips about healthy diet, hydration, and stretching.


My current goal is to run a half-marathon around August 2014, thus he's been working with me on core strengthening and weight reduction - I lost 10 lb since we started. Definitely recommend Josh as a personal trainer."

- Joe C.

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"I came to Natalie after the holidays when I was unhappy with the way my body looked after putting it through years of fad diets and workouts. Working with Natalie was a truly wonderful experience. She really listened to my concerns about the changes I wanted to see in my body and the methods I'd tried previously without results. I was able to tell her very specifically WHERE I wanted to target and she identified different exercises that I liked and and didn't like and built my program around all of these factors to maximize its effectiveness. She even reviewed the equipment that was at my out of state gym in order to build a program that I could do outside of Washington.


What impressed me most about Natalie was her deep understanding of the process and her empathy, as a fitness competitor herself, she understood the unique motivation challenges and she communicated with me regularly to keep me motivated and remind me of my goals to keep going strong. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for fitness coaching and particularly to woman in the competition or pageant areas - she understands the process, and the desired results and will help you get there!"

- Brittney M.

"I started training with Josh since April 2018 and I could not thank him enough for the transformation, both internal and external! In addition to his commitment to my personal goal, he is very professional, reliable and always kept me on track.


I am a competitive ballroom dancer and before I found Bellevue Fit, I had a different trainer who had a completely different approach and it just did not work for me. As soon as I started training with Josh, not only did I feel stronger & more in control of my core, legs and arms when I danced. I felt a lot more flexible and felt a huge difference in my ability to stretch & isolate my body, which are crucial in competitive ballroom dancing. I also started getting better result in my competition placement! I had been feeling a lot more confident too as an individual and a dancer. In addition to all these positive results, I love that I have been receiving compliments from people around me about how fit and sculpted I look.

I have been recommending Josh to all my friends and I would recommend him to anyone!"

- Levina K.

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"Personal training with Josh has been great for me. I wanted to try a personal trainer because I have a hard time motivating myself to work out on a regular basis and I never felt like my own exercises were very effective.

I initially planned to work with Josh for only a few months -- I just wanted to develop a regular workout cadence and some good workout routines. But after completing my initial set of sessions, I decided to sign up for more because they have been so helpful. Each hour pushes me far more than I would do on my own and after only a few months I can see concrete results: I've put on muscle mass and my strength has improved.

Josh puts together tough workouts, he's flexible about scheduling times to fit my calendar, and he has a positive, encouraging attitude every time we work out. I'm very happy with my experience and can fully recommend it."

- David H.

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