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Would you like us to promote you and your health and fitness services?

The prospective clients we send you will already be pre-vetted, motivated and ready to start training with you immediately. You stay your own boss as an independent trainer while we do the marketing and promotion for you! It's free to be listed on our site — there's no upfront, recurring or out of pocket cost and we only take a one-time commission off of the first introductory package sold.


Bellevue Fit gets a large influx of prospective clients everyday who contact us ready to hire a Bellevue personal trainer. They contact us through this SEO-optimized website, social media, our vetted email list, referrals, word of mouth, etc. Your only responsibility is to provide a great training experience with the clients we send you and then going forward, you are free to resign the client again and again without any commission including any leads that these clients send you.

Here are the specifics of what the flow of the process looks like:

>  We list you on our website and social media and heavily promote you and your services/specialties

>  Client contacts us through the form on our website which narrows down their search from in-home, gym, and virtual; gender preference; goals, etc.

>  When the client’s preferences match with you, we contact you for your availability and schedule a complimentary consultation on your behalf

>  If the client would like to continue after their consultation with you, they would purchase our 10 session package $950 paid online to Bellevue Fit

>  We split the $950 (60/40) and we pay you 100% of your share ($570) as soon as we receive payment (your full share upfront to you - not per session delivered)

>  At any point during or after the 10 introductory sessions, you are free to renew that client at any package and at any rate that you would like going forward with no commission split (client is fully yours to renew over and over including any referrals that this client sends your way going forward)

To apply to become a trainer who we can refer clients to, please complete and submit the questions below and we will be in touch shortly to review next steps and answer any questions you may have.

Do you have proper licensing and liability insurance as an independent personal trainer?
What services do you offer?
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