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How Bellevue gets fit™

All personal trainers on this site are fully licensed, insured, and certified.




"I started personal training with Josh earlier this year, 4 months after having my second child. I've always been a little overweight and after my second baby, I was at my all time highest. I was never an athletic or active person and the thought of working with a trainer was intimidating but Josh was really friendly and great. He is very knowledgable and knew exactly what areas needed to be focused on. Within the first month, I lost 10 pounds and in less than 6 months of training with him, I've lost a total of 37 pounds. I am now at my all time lowest since high school, which was more than 12 years ago. I've gotten nothing but compliments from family and friends. Not only have I lost weight, I am more toned, have better metabolism and endurance, and most importantly gained confidence in how I look and feel. To be honest, I went with Josh because he trained in my apartment and it was convenient but I am so happy to have worked with him and I highly recommend!"

– Kaori S.

Kaori lost 37 lbs and learned how to keep it off!

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We offer three types of personal training options 


Reach Your Fitness Goals Together!

After your consultation, schedule your sessions with your personal trainer and start reaching your goals!



Vicki lost 22 lbs and has never felt better!


We come to you - all equipment provided!

60 minute sessions

Flexible schedule

Get the most personalized attention of your trainer

Contact us for pricing


We come to you - all equipment provided!

60 minute sessions

Flexible schedule

Get in shape with a friend, family member, or loved one

Contact us for pricing

We come to you - all equipment provided!

30-60 minute sessions

Flexible schedule

Minimum of three with up to 15 participants

Only $10-$30 a session!

Narrow your search from Bellevue's most qualified personal trainers.

Search results are specific to your personal preferences including location preference, gender, and fitness goals!

The filtered search is free, plus you'll receive a complimentary consultation and session with the personal trainer that matches your criteria.


If you decide that the first personal trainer you meet with is not the best fit for you, simply request another complimentary consultation with another personal trainer.



Our Services

We also provide the following on-site services listed below. 


Private, couples, and group in-home, apartment gym, and office personal training for Bellevue, WA.


Reiki activates the natural healing processes of the body to restore physical and emotional well-being. Learn more here.



Private, couples, and group yoga available. Relieve stress, become more flexible, and improve your mind/body connection.


Don't have anyone to care for your child as you take some time for yourself? No problem, we have you covered!


On-site massage therapy to select residences through-out Bellevue, WA. Relax and rejuvenate your entire body.


On-site first aid / CPR certification. Gain the skills and confidence to know what to do in an emergency situation.


Just one of our personal training client's before and after photos 

Kaori S. 

Lost 37 lbs!

 Kaori lost 37 lbs and learned how to keep it off! 

Trained with us in her apartment's fitness center.

"I started personal training with Josh earlier this year, 4 months after having my second child. I've always been a little overweight and after my second baby, I was at my all time highest. I was never an athletic or active..."


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"I used to be able to stay on track with healthy eating and exercise on my own.  However, over time as life has gotten busier and more stressful, I started to lose motivation and focus.  Excuses became more of a common occurrence - "I'm too tired.  I'm too busy.  I don't have time to exercise.  I don't have time to cook".  I knew I needed to try something different that would get me back on track and keep me there.  I knew that I needed some personal help to "snap me out of it" and get me more focused and committed to doing the right things so that I could be the healthiest me.  

Personal training with Josh has by far been the best investment I have ever made towards a healthier lifestyle.  He is extremely professional, knowledgeable, and encouraging.  Josh's style complements me because he is balanced - tough when I need it, but he also has a sense of humor that keeps challenging workouts bearable and fun (well, maybe not always all fun - there are some pretty tough workouts, but without them I wouldn't get the same results!).  One of the benefits of personal training is the accountability.  It is pretty powerful to know that Josh is going to ask me how my eating and workouts are going.  Knowing that I will have to tell him what I have or haven't done, I put in the extra effort.  The results have been great! I am stronger and leaner, and I have more energy.  It's amazing to see and feel such a difference in just a few months (since 4/2012).  I wouldn't change a thing about training with Josh.  He mixes up the workouts and keeps them new and with increased levels of intensity and challenge.  I look forward to even more!"

– Vicki A.

Karen gained noticeably more muscle tone and Brad drastically decreased his chronic back pain!

"Before we started training with Josh, my boyfriend Brad had been working out consistently for 12 years and I had been joining him for 4 years.  Brad and I hit the gym 3-4 days per week, jog or hike 1-2 days per week and either ride mountain bikes or downhill ski (weather permitting) 1 day each week.  We had a lot of athletic activities we enjoyed doing together but we both craved something more - that's when we met Josh St. Clair.  We have been working out with Josh for one couples session each week for 8 months now (since 4/2012) and we have both seen a marked improvement in our athleticism. 
Brad had previously focused on heavy weight lifting and needed to concentrate on his core and improve his flexibility; I wanted to work on my muscle tone without adding bulk and I also craved more challenging abdominal exercises.  Brad has seen great improvement in his core strength and improved flexibility which has drastically decreased his chronic back pain.  I have gained noticeably more muscle tone throughout my entire body (most notably in the arms, hips and thighs).  The reason we love our weekly workouts with Josh is that he uses very little equipment besides our own body weight (Brad compares this workout to his previous experience with boot camp in the Army).  Josh changes the workouts every week and constantly introduces new exercises to work different muscles and keep us challenged.  Josh instinctively knows when an exercise becomes easier for us and will switch to a more challenging exercise that works the same muscles in new ways.  Josh has a great skill in choosing exercises that we can both do together that meet our different goals.  Josh has definitely changed our weekly workout routine and we both look forward to our couples personal training all week long!"
– Karen G. and Brad A.

“I reached my fitness goals much faster than if I were to try and reach them by myself. The guidance that is given to me from Josh is extremely helpful as I recently hit a plateau and I didn’t know what to do anymore! Having Josh push me to the next level is what made the difference for me to get past my plateaus and be in much better shape!”

– Paige M.



The map below displays the radius that we serve for our on-site personal training services