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Learn more about virtual personal trainer, Joshua!


Joshua St. Clair

Director / Virtual Personal Trainer

Education, Certifications and Experience:
Joshua St. Clair graduated from Ashmead College's Fitness Training Program in Seattle, WA in 2001. His degree is a complete personal training program based off of the ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine) protocol. This intense fitness professional curriculum included Anatomy & Physiology; Fitness Programming, Performance Enhancement; Group Exercise Instruction; Kinesiology; Nutrition & Exercise; Exercise Physiology; Fitness Assessments; Health & Wellness Management; Marketing & Business Management; and much more. Joshua also has two years of sports medicine experience helping athletes with their sport specific needs and he is also CPR/First Aid certified.


Since receiving his fitness degree in 2001, Joshua has had an extensive full-time personal training career as a personal trainer and fitness manager for one of the largest health clubs in the country; founder and trainer of one of the most premier Pilates/fitness studios in Washington State; and an independent personal trainer - training clients from their apartment gym, estate, office, and studio setting. Joshua has literally helped thousands of clients achieve their dream body and looks forward to helping you next!

Fitness Philosophy:
"Success in reaching your fitness goals is achieved by having an action oriented plan and staying consistent with that plan. You need to have mental discipline which is achieved by consistently visualizing your goals and how you’re going to achieve them. You most likely will have to change some of your beliefs about fitness that are not true and were never true to begin with. Having the right guidance, accountability, and motivation from an experienced and knowledgeable professional is essential for achieving your goals much faster and safer. To start, the single greatest thing you can personally do to achieve your fitness goals is take responsibility of your current state of fitness and reach out for guidance.”

Fitness Related Hobbies:
Joshua enjoys lifting weights, tennis, basketball, racquetball, hiking and soccer the most, but really just about 99% of anything that is active.

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