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Learn more about Bellevue personal trainer, Aaron!

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Trainer: Aaron

Bellevue Personal Trainer

Education, Certifications and Experience:
Aaron has been helping his clients reach their fitness goals since 2008! Aaron is certified by NFPT (National Federation of Professional Trainers) and has a very diverse background of training his clients individually, in a group setting, 'Biggest Loser' competitions, martial arts and boxing.


Aaron has trained a wide range of athletes from youth team through college level athletes, professional athletes, clients with injuries, senior citizens, pregnant women, and special olympic preps. 

Fitness Philosophy:

"I'm huge on workouts always based on achieving client's goals, functional strength & longevity, and general fitness to better their overall quality of life. I aim to always make sure my clients enjoy the experience during the process too! Balance is key!”

Fitness Related Hobbies:

Weightlifting, kickboxing, skateboarding, swimming.


Strength & conditioning, performance enhancement, bodybuilding fundamentals, fat loss, HIIT, kickboxing, and group training.

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